Junaid Haroon Siddiqui

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
LUMS School of Science and Engineering
Lahore, Pakistan
+92 423 560 8197
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I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at LUMS School of Science and Engineering. Previously, I received Ph.D. in Computer Science from UT Austin (The University of Texas at Austin) and MS and BS Computer Science from FAST-NU National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.

My research interests are static and dynamic techniques in automatic software test generation and in parallel and incremental techniques in scaling algorithms for multicore processors. My experience includes ten years of teaching at FAST-NU, LUMS, and at UT Austin. My seven years of industry experience includes working at Microsoft, Google, and various Pakistan based software houses.


I am leading the Program Analysis Group for research in using automated analysis for software reliability. My current students include:

Current Doctoral StudentsAffan Rauf
Maryam Salman (MS Thesis 2015)
Mohammad Sohaib Ayub (MS Thesis 2015)
Current MS Thesis StudentsNatasha Arshad
Ayesha Zaheer
Past MS Thesis StudentsAatira Anum Ahmed (2015)
Mohammad Suleman Mahmood (2015)
Mohsin Naeem (2015)
Waqas ur Rehman (2015)
Sarmad Makhdoom (2014)
Past Research AssistantsMuhammad Adeel Khan (2014)

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And here are some recent publications:

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Fall 2015Multicore ComputingGraduate course about topics related to multi-core computers, multi-core programming languages, memory consistency, locking schemes, concurrent structures, multi-core optimizations, and model checking.
Spring 2016Advanced Operating SystemsGraduate course about research in Operating Systems.
Advanced ProgrammingUndergraduate core course about building large and complex software.
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2015ICST (PC Member)
2014ISSRE (PC Member), ICPC-Lahore Regional (Cheif Judge), SOFTEC (Judge), SoftExpo (Judge)
2013TSE (Reviewer), INMIC (PC Member), SOFTEC (Judge)
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