Assignment 3: Literature Review

Deadline: Friday 15th May 23:59



Write a 4-page research paper in ACM format using LaTeX (no other format).

You are to pick a topic and find five papers on the topic in top conferences (Best papers in OSDI, SOSP, ASPLOS are good starting points) from 2000 onwards. Both topic and papers are to be approved from me by 30th April. You are to understand the papers in depth (a viva will be conducted) and write the 4-page paper.

The paper has to contain:

Some sample areas are:

Looking through papers with best paper awards in recent OSDI, SOSP, and ASPLOS is a good starting point for other ideas. Topics about distributed systems are okay but you need to have the prerequisite knowledge.


Do not take this as an easy assignment. The last time I gave this assignment it resulted in the lowest average of all assignments. The main reason was that people just summarized different papers without a deeper understanding and without any comparative analysis. If you start early, you can always get feedback from me or the TA. Also, don’t keep learning LaTeX for the last day. It takes some time to get used to.